Kumbakonam Hotels: The Treatment That You Deserve!
17.01.2014 14:57

Kumbakonam, the town famous for its temples, adhi keshwarar temple and sarangapani temple is located near Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. This city although not metropolitan attracts a fair number of tourists every year. Most of them come for pilgrimage but some also come to enjoy the town in its natural beauty. The Kumbakonam Hotels are home to such tourists and makes ones stay as enjoyable as can be.

Kumbakonam Hotels: The natural beauty of Tamil Nadu.

Kumbakonam hotels are determined to make your stay as pleasant as they can with their remarkable hospitality and service. The must-see hotels in Kumbakonam are PLA Residency, Quality Inn Viha, Hotel Vinayaga, Paradise Resort and Sara Residency. These hotels provide you with amenities such as 24hr room service, Wi-Fi connectivity, AC rooms, Mini bar, and so on. These hotels are built for your comfort and to meet your demands, and they try their best to give you the international comfort that you would get in a 5star hotel at an affordable rate!

They also have facilities such as swimming pools so that you can soak in the calmness and serenity of the water away from the busy world. They provide gym for those who want to keep in shape even while holidaying and dinner is offered with the mouthwatering Indian and local dishes. Continental food is offered for breakfast. All this and no dent in your wallet is a fair deal I suppose. So book now to have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones!   


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